River Watch: Riverkeeper News Briefs

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Sewer Spills, also called Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) are a major water quality concern in the... read more...
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Congaree Riverkeeper, represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center, today filed suit in... read more...
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Last year was a busy one for Congaree Riverkeeper.  Take a look at our Annual Report below to... read more...

River Diary: A Blog about Life on the River

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Today is World Fish Migration Day, a one day global initiative to create awareness on the... read more...
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On Sunday, with the weather finally warming up a bit, Sara and I decided to take her new kayak out... read more...

River Reading Room

On this page, we offer for your reading pleasure and edification public documents and reports about, relating to or impacting the Congaree, Lower Broad, and Lower Saluda Rivers.  Check back periodically as we add to this reading room.

Riverfront History

As is often the case with places, Columbia’s history is tied inextricably to its landscape, and more specifically its rivers. Serving as the highways of the day, South Carolina’s rivers provided ready access to an inland wilderness. Lowcountry Rivers led inland to the fall line, the area where the piedmont meets the coastal plain; an area that is characterized by the rapids and shoals of the Congaree, Broad and Saluda. It is a landscape of rivers, flood plain swamps and hardwood bluffs. These rivers tell a history of our state and our capital, Columbia.


USGS River Data

This page offers links to real-time USGS streamflow data.  The stations are separated by drainage basin.

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